Project Mentors:

Producer Obeythefanboy - Producer Tommy Turnip - Producer Noas Bark - Singer Madie Fresh

Project Partners:

Local Management Bariki Kabewa, Kilimanjaro.

Local Partner Using Day School, Kilimanjaro.

Project Owner Egedal Youth Center, Egedal.

Project Journal:

Ten students of Egedal High School planned and conducted five days of workshops with 100+ students from 14 to 18 years old at Usangi Day School in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This project mainly focused on composition in groups, choirs, rhythm groups and producers. The final 10 tracks gives a unique insight into an actual creative encounter of two cultures of Danish and Tanzanian young songwriting, producing and expression. The sessions also gave us the first chapter of the upcoming Beats Across Borders sound library that keeps expanding for everyone involved to use.

Egedal Municipality supplied our local connection with monitors, crucial for recording and hard to carry all the way.