Project Mentors:

DJ/Producer John Vincent - DJ/Producer Neeco Esca - Producer Obeythefanboy (Nadim Mahmoud) - Musician Mikael Martinsen - Photographer Kenneth Nguyen

Project Partners:

Local management, Bacolod Rae Ang 

Local communication and contact, Bacolod KIN Skateshop

Workshop partners Binhi Creatives & Social Development Center Bacolod (SDC) & La Salle University's Art Hub

Exhibition partner, Bacolod The Negros Museum

Exhibition partner, Manila P-Noise FestivalLilibeth Cuenca RasmussenPineapple Lab Gallery, Nordlys Festival

Project Sponsors: 

ALISOutdoormaster, Congressman Greg Gasataya, Negros Occidental, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lim, Mr. Roy Yanson, Mr. Kerwin Tongson

Project Journal:

In the Philippines we are doing workshops, exhibitions and concerts with 150+ kids and students with local partners. In the long term we aim to build up a local facility for creative production and expression as a main venue for our own work and as well as for other local and international projects.

February Trip 2016, Research, 10 days

Two coordinators getting insight and understanding of Manila's and Bacolod's cultural environment focusing on

• Creative sector institutions, NGOs, sponsors, partners and artists

• NGOs and institutions working with vulnerable youth or students of Bacolod to participate in the workshops

December Trip 2016, Workshops, 7 days

Three musicians and producers, one photographer and a coordinator conducted workshops with 150+ participants during the first six days, working two days with each of the three workshop partners and their associated children or students.

The toolbox for the workshops included headphones, laptops, soundcards, Ableton Pushes, midikeyboards, microphones, small manitors and all cables and cameras and photo editing software.

The main areas of the workshops were

• Beat production, looping and sampling

• Recording of a wide variety of local and traditional instruments

• Vocal rhythm and groove, rap, singing and reading to beats

• DJ-ing and scratch on turntables

• Still photography for large prints

• Everyday documentary on mobile phone cameras

December Trip 2016, Exhibitions and concerts, 7 days

Content from the workshops - recordings, samples, songs, photos, videos and vocals - were the foundation of the following live performances and exhibitions during the final part of the trip:

• Photo exhibition and live music at The Negros Museum, Bacolod. 

• DJ set and live music at KIN Skateshop Get Down, Bacolod.

• DJ set and live music at Gorka Club, Bacolod.

•Live music perfomances at the contemporary arts festival P-Noise,The Metropolitan Theatre, Manila. 

•Collaboration on dance and improvisation performance with performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Pineapple Lab Gallery, Manila.