Lesley, 14 years, student of Binhi Creatives, Bacolod

"Big brother, the first day I saw and met all of you I was shy because I wasn’t fluent in speaking English and if I try to speak English I would get embarrassed that is why I just kept quiet and just stayed in my chair. I was afraid to talk to all of you.

But on the second day I felt I was enjoying being with you guys. I was happy when I tickle you because you were laughing.. it’s great that I felt that I have a big brother like you and the others too who are always happy.. It seems I was getting closer to you on the second day…….

On the third day, that was the happiest moment of the workshop because I learned a lot from you and also because I wasn’t shy anymore when I’m with you and when I’m with all of you it felt like you are family to me and I don’t want the workshop to end… I wanted that we could be all together everyday and I didn’t want to go home during that time…… when we got home I couldn’t sleep because I miss all of you.. I just imagined what we did during the day and I got teary eyed and I wanted to go back to the negros museum.. hahahaahahhaha.. 

When you went to tippy’s bar, I wasn’t able to go because theres was somewhere important, I needed to be together with my family and if I was there I would surely miss it too, and most of all the last time we were at the negros museum and we jammed I was just staring at you guys and I felt happy……. When you gave Krystal and Kyle t-shirts I felt jealous but don’t worry its okay… and when we were about to go home I wanted to hug you all so tight and I didn’t want to go home but I couldn’t do it.. you were busy so I just stared at you guys……

Big brother, wherever in the world you may be I hope you won’t ever forget me because even though you aren’t here beside me you will always be here in my heart and my mind.. I love you all so much and thanks to you we learned a lot and I also would like to thank you that I got to know you and was able to be with you.. I just hope I will always be the Lesley, your youngest sibling and you won’t ever forget me.. please tell the others too..

Thank you!"

Project journal:

We are currently planning doing workshops, exhibitions and concerts with 150+ kids and students connected to our local partners. We aim to build up local creative production facilities as a main venue for local young artists and other local and international projects.

Funding partner: Sommer Family Charitable Trust

Project sponsors: ALISOutdoormaster, Congressman Greg Gasataya, Negros Occidental, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lim, Mr. Roy Yanson, Mr. Kerwin Tongson


Research trip, February 2016

Connecting to local and national project partners:


First workshop trip, December 2016

Bringing artists to the field of action:

The toolbox for the workshops including headphones, laptops, soundcards, Ableton Pushes, midikeyboards, microphones, small manitors and all cables and cameras and photo editing software.

Conducting music production, dance and photo workshops with:

The focus points of the workshops were

  • Beat production, looping and sampling
  • Recording of a wide variety of local and traditional instruments
  • Vocal rhythm and groove, rap, singing and reading to beats 
  • DJ-ing and scratch on turntables
  • Still photography for large prints
  • Everyday documentary on mobile phone cameras

Planning and performing public presentations as

  • Photo exhibition and live music at The Negros Museum, Bacolod
  • DJ set and live music at KIN Skateshop Get Down, Bacolod
  • DJ set and live music at Gorka Club, Bacolod
  • Live music perfomances at the contemporary arts festival P-Noise,The Metropolitan Theatre, Manila
  • Modern dance and improvisation performance with performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Pineapple Lab Gallery, Manila