Re-enable music.


Re-enable music.

The Beats Across Borders mission is to re-enable music by supporting young and untrained music talents through music production workshops and mentorship programmes and helping local creative sector growth by building local cultural entrepreneurship capacities.

Artists engaged in Beats Across Borders projects are specialized in using the latest music and visual arts production technology. This way a project provides an immediate creative outlet and opportunity for untrained young people to participate in a modern artistic production process, from the preliminary sketches through the actual production to the final public presentation.

At the heart of a Beats Across Borders project is:

  • a celebration of cultural diversity
  • a professional development of local cultural industry capacities
  • a relentless focus on the creation of original music and visual arts

We are working in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, England, Tanzania and the Philippines, planning projects in Haiti and Greenland.

All rights of the following content are reserved for authors of each peace of music, picture, video and word.

For licensing requests and inquiries write to


The model explained.

The model explained.

a project in short

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1. Gathering of partners (companies, NGOs, authorities etc.) and deciding on a custom design of the project.

2. Coordination of music production workshops, research trip, participating artists and young people and presentations of results.

3. Field trip doing workshops, concerts and master classes with international artists and entrepreneurs we bring to the field of action.

4. Local returns from artistic, economic, social and creative sector growth.

Project design


  • Find and support young local musical and/or entrepreneural talents from within vulnerable communities.
  • Contribute to "New World Music" genres.
  • Strengthen local creative sectors to the benefit of the entire community.
  • Build a sustainable Beats Across Borders cultural business model.


  • Music production workshops in "New World Music" with international established artists and local talents.
  • Entrepreneural and micro financial capacity building and establishment of local networks based on reciprocal creative, economic and personal interests.
  • Personal development of the participant (artists and young people) involved in a project.
  • Elastic business development allowing the organisation to learn, adapt and expand.


  • Music and song composing, recording and production.
  • Master classes in creative management for local artists
  • Photography and video production and vlogging.
  • Beats Across Borders legal property systems registering original creative content to benefit each individual involved.
  • Radio broadcasting and DJ courses.
  • Event, exhibition and live concert management and coordination.
  • Standardised and organic organisation perfomance indicators and project evaluation processes.



Financial statement 2016

Income 310.600 DKK


Expenses 310.600 DKK



Who we are.

Who we are.

the daily management

The Chairman and the Head of Administration together are in charge of daily management and core administrative tasks of all projects from the Copenhagen office and studio facilities in Bark Studio, Nørrebro. This includes business development, staff management, copyrights management, publishing, daily social media communication, responding to requests etc.

Mikael Hegelund Martinsen

  • Founder and Chairman.
  • Master of History and Political Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Nicolas Busch

  • Head of Administration.
  • Master of Social Sciences in International Law and Security from the University of Southern Denmark.

The advisory board

Members of the board are recruited to assist with skills and experience from international organisation management and business development. The members act as advisories for the daily management and coordination group and support Beats Across Borders’ wish to contribute to the development of new ways of running international cultural development projects.

Søren Rågård 

  • Director and Head of Strategy and Partnerships at LEGO Education. 

Claus Bindslev 

  • Executive Advisor and CEO at Bindslev A/S. 

the project coordination

Project coordination is done by active artists and creative entrepreneurs who are in charge of a project’s local coordination, finances and artist management. All projects are coordinated in accordance with standardised Beats Across Borders project coordination templates.

Profiles and coordination templates coming soon!


The artists are independently involved to do collaborations and workshops with the young people involved in each project.


Support & associates.

Support & associates.